This website archives the projects developed as part of CRITICAL GPS: PUBLIC INTERVENTIONS IN VIRTUAL SPACE, a 4-day workshop that took place as part of ACROSS RCA at the White City campus of the Royal College of Art in November 2018 (29.10 — 1.11).

CRITICAL GPS invited participants to explore the latent potential of public interventions in virtual 'space'. Calling upon the heritage of 60s site-specific art and analyses of so-called virtual ‘spaces’ and their already established networks present on the internet participants attempted to address the mixed-reality resulting from the overlay of digital dimensions upon the world, challenging the convergence of digital experiences of a space and its physical location. What does it mean when something which is more commonly regarded in abstract, ethereal terms becomes intrinsically linked to a specific physical space?

In the first part of the workshop participants were briefed to reflect and comment on the White City campus building where the workshop took place, using the Google Street View app photosphere feature to record their manifestations within their chosen space. They then published these to the Street View platform as a means of publicly available reflection.

The second part of the workshop, of which the outcomes are archived on this platform, invited participants to comment and react to a specific location of their choice within the White City district. These interventions aggregate multiple layers of engagement with the chosen locations; from data extracted from the Google Street View app (360 degrees photos and GPS coordinates), primary research such as the gathering of field materials, textures and objects and secondary research such as investigation into historical backgrounds or contexts. All of these layers were re-configured and assembled within 3d software.

The method of display in the online exhibition alludes to the aforementioned photo spheres, a feature available on Google Street View, also scrutinized during the course of this workshop. If you are near a chosen location and viewing upon a mobile device you will see only the associated artwork while if this site is visited from anywhere else a flawed attempt to contextualise the reactions is made by layering them upon linked Street View scenes.

Funded by ACROSS RCA, the participants of this workshop come from diverse backgrounds and were studying a range of different MAs across the college.

Ben Mehigan, Amy Frampton, Carolin Schnurrer, Jordan Edge, Dimitra-Elli Antoniou, Lovino Wang, Laura Bivolaru, Max Kohler, Sam Chester, Ewa Ciolek Poniatowska, Paola Estrella Contreras, Maria Cynkier, Laura Bivolaru

Christina Worner Joana Pestana Max Ryan

Max Ryan

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