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Ewa Poniatowska Maria Cynkier

The RCA White City campus is partially integrated into the modern business centre, White City Place. It is a hub of creativity, promoting a particular lifestyle, which is supposed to fit everyone. These ideas are shared with the means of motivational slogans and billboards, which we find out of touch with reality. Offering unlimited options and a freedom to choose from the offer of White City Place stands in a sharp contradiction to its fundamental character. Despite this facade, everyone within it is under constant surveillance and operates within a pseudo-public space, in which behaviour should be adjusted to corporate rules. Looking at a broader picture of the area, the business centre seems to significantly stand out among its surroundings. In near proximity, one can see the remains of the 2017 fatal fire at Grenfell Tower. In between these two, there are construction sites full of debris, where buildings are being demolished.

The PUBLIC / PRIVATE project took a public toilet as a point of departure as we consider its space to reflect the paradoxical character of the area surrounding the RCA White City campus. The mixture of used manmade and natural elements in our intervention aims at critical commentary on the simultaneously public and private space. The distinction between the two is blurred, thus, we proposed an absurd environment full of undesirable objects under the supervision of security cameras.