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Why?te City Portal

Ben Mehigan Susie Olczak

The Why?te City Portal is a digital vitrine, taking the form of a dollshouse. The dolls house is split into four sections which act as portals into different times in history and four events that took place in White City: The Franco-British Exhibition; the Summer Olympics of 1908; the British Industries Fair of 1934 and the location of the BBC studios. All of which identify White City as a historic site of exposition, culture and entertainment. Increasingly so, this identity is being lost; with new homogenous beige building developments.

This project uses pixellated halftone to reflect the fragmented nature of the digital immersing the users in a world of technological fantasy. The reflective finish of the artefacts mirrors the site and current context. Why?te City Portal aims to transport the local residents into a playful landscape where they can reclaim their streets. As a speculative physical proposal once a year the public would be able to take out the objects from the permanent dolls house monument display to use around the estate, encouraging cross generational play and re-identifying White City as a destination for fun, exhibition and education.